Client Testimonial

Clients Testimonials

“Koushik is a natural Chef and it appears he is carrying on this job from his previous birth.Very talented and passionate in his job,he is endowed with an uncanny ability to transform client requirements into reality.His culinary skills are spectacular and would leave you spell bound.He is very trustworthy and reliable.He does not give false promises/attractions and his estimates and predictions can be taken for granted

His knowledge in his line of activity and also in general are admirable.He is widely travelled and has a futuristic approach towards any work he undertakes.He is one of the most creative persons with whom I have associated myself with.He has been a source of inspiration for me to delve deeper into the food industry,since I am emboldened that I will be successful if Koushik is on board” April 24, 2010
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Mahesh T. Ramadass,hired Koushik as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Koushik more than once

“Mr. Koushik Shankar came highly recommended through a TV show. He has the knack of knowing the taste buds of the public. Koushik stresses on the attention to detail at the same time provides the right amount of flexibility to maintain cost. It has been a privilege working day and night with him to achieve our goals.” September 14, 2009
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
Raghav Rajagopalan, hired Koushik as a Business Consultant in 2007

“Koushik to me always appeared to be very creative, enthusiastic and has the hunger for learning. I am confident that he will go places and come out in flying colors in whatever he does, primarily because of his sincerity, hard-work and dedication in his endeavors. He would be an asset to any organization he serves in whatever capacity. Good luck to him” August 15, 2009
Muralidharan V, Advisor – Retail, Reliance Communications
worked directly with Koushik at Eatitude

“Koushik was not only a very creative person but also had an uncanny understanding of customer preferences and needs, due largely to his many years of experience in handling customers directly. So, he was a delightfully business friendly creative person – good at creativity that could set the cash registers ringing.” August 15, 2009
KR Chandrasekaran, COO, Javagreen
managed Koushik indirectly at Eatitude

Jan 2012
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